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Here you will find a list and description of the services Nail Perfection offers. 

UV Gel Nail Enhancements
Often referred to as "Gel Nails", these enhancements are odor-free, crystal clear, light weight feeling and slightly flexible.  Gel is honey-like substance that is applied to the nail and hardened with a UV light.  Gel is usually clear but can come in any color.  There is no extra charge for gel color or pink and white gel.  Maintenance is recommended every two to three weeks.  Clients must be 16 yrs. or older.
Full Set - 105 minutes $65
Rebalance/Fill-in - 75 minutes $40
Fill-in 3 1/2 weeks or more - $45 or more
Nail Art, Glitters, Mylar, stamping, etc. - an additional $5 or more
Shellac Manicure - 45-60 minutes $30
CND has just introduced the first hybrid nail color.  Shellac goes on like polish, wears like gel and soaks off in ten minutes.  Once your manicure is complete Shellac is completely dry.  You can dig in your purse or put on your shoes with no worries.  This manicure includes filing and shaping the natural nails, cuticle work and the Shellac application.  Once Shellac is on we moisturize cuticles with oil and give a relaxing hand massage.  Repeat services include removal of previous application at no additional charge.
Shellac Toes - 45-60 minutes $35
If regular polish doesn't last on your toes, get the long lasting polish with Shellac.  This is just the Shellac application.  To get a pedicure with Shellac polish add $15 to any pedicure.
Hot Mitts Manicure - 45 minutes $25 
We begin by removing old polish, filing and shaping natural nails.  We apply cuticle softener, oil to the under side of the nail and hydrating exfoliant to the hands.  Next hot mitts are applied to enhance the treatment.  Cuticles are trimmed, hands massaged and then polish is expertly applied. This service is great during cool weather.
Nanovive Manicure - 45 minutes $25
Similar to the Hot Mitt Manicure, this service exchanges the hot mitts for a nanovive glycolic treatment.  Cool wet towel is used to remove the treatment and nanovive lotion is applied to hydrate the skin at the cellular level.  This service can remove years from your hands.
Basic Manicure- 30 minutes $20
Old polish is removed, natural nails are filed and shaped.  Cuticles are trimmed and nails are smoothed.  Your choice of polish is precisely applied.
Repolish - 15 minutes $12
Removal of old polish and apply new.
Hot Boots Pedicure - 75 minutes $45
We remove old polish and soak your feet in warm bath. Toe nails are trimmed and shaped.  Cuticles are pushed back and cleaned up, then calluses are smoothed. A long relaxing foot massage is next, followed by a rich foot cream and warming boots. I end the service with the perfect polish.
Perfect Pedicure - 60 minutes $40
This is our most popular pedicure.  It is similar to the Hot Boots Pedicure just minus the hot boots.  A little less time is spent on the massage but you will not be disappointed. 

Shellac Pedicure - 75-90 minutes $55
Get the Perfect Pedicure with Shellac gel polish.  This service includes the removal of old Shellac.

Basic Pedicure - 45 minutes $35
This pedicure is just enough to get your feet looking good.  Toe nails are trimmed and shaped, cuticles cleaned up, a quick smoothing of calluses, a little lotion and pristine polish applied.
Dry Pedicure - 30 minutes $25
Old polish removed, nails are trimmed and shaped, nails are buffed smooth and polish is applied.
Repolish Toes - 15 minutes $15
Old polish is removed and new is applied.
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